Supplements for Depression Anxiety RecoverySupplements for Depression Anxiety Recovery

The Depression Anxiety Supplement Plan contains supplements scientifically proven to help depression anxiety recovery.

In a 2008 Nutrition Journal Study titled “Nutritional Therapies for Depression“, the authors wrote that..

…a lack of certain dietary nutrients contribute(s) to the development of mental disorders. Notably, essential vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids are often deficient in the general population in America and other developed countries; and are exceptionally deficient in patients suffering from mental disorders. Studies have shown that daily supplements of vital nutrients often effectively reduce patients’ symptoms.

The primary reason why individuals with depression anxiety are deficient in vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, is due to damage to the gut caused by poor diet, stress, toxins, alcohol, antibiotics or other sources, which limits the intestines ability to absorb nutrients.

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Damage to  the gut literally opens the door for toxins and undigested food particles to enter the blood stream, where they are attacked by the immune system, creating inflammation in the body and brain, resulting in depression anxiety.

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Which is why the Depression Anxiety Supplement Plan goes beyond replenishing vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, to include supplements such as probiotics and enzymes, which help heal the gut to enable better absorption of nutrients, and re-create the barrier between the gut and bloodstream to prevent inflammation and stop the depression anxiety producing process.

While there are many different supplements which have been scientifically proven  to help depression anxiety, the Depression Anxiety Supplement Plan uses the most critical vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, to produce the most effective and affordable supplement plan for depression anxiety recovery.

Below is the list of our recommended supplements for depression anxiety recovery, including a brief description, brands, optimal quantity, and the best time of day to take each supplement.  Online ordering information with a special discount can be found at the bottom of the list.

Multivitamin Supplements

Multivitamin for Depression AnxietyA multivitamin provides the body and brain with the minimum amounts of a wide range of vitamins and minerals necessary for their proper functioning.  More potent individual vitamins and minerals are added to the multivitamin to address deficiencies common in individuals with depression anxiety.

Brand: Universal Nutrition – Daily Formula
Quantity: 1 Tablet per Day
Time to Take: Breakfast
Detailed Info:  Multivitamin Supplement for Depression Anxiety

Vitamin B Supplements

Vitamin B Supplements for Depression AnxietyVitamin B is the energy supplement.  Individuals with fatigue due to depression anxiety may experience increased energy from taking a Vitamin B supplement.  More importantly, Vitamin B 6 works with the essential amino acid Tryptophan found in the Depression Anxiety Diet, to produce the neurotransmitter Serotonin.

Brand: Jarrow Formulas – B-Right
Quantity: 1 Tablet per Day
Time to Take: Breakfast
Detailed Info:  Vitamin B Supplement for Depression Anxiety

Vitamin C Supplements

Vitamin C for Depression AnxietyVitamin C is the anti-stress anti-anxiety supplement.  Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant which plays an important role in managing the release of the stress hormone cortisol.  Vitamin C deficiency can cause the release of too much cortisol, which produces inflammation and adrenal fatigue, leading to depression anxiety.

Brand: Doctor’s Best – Best Vitamin C 1,000 mg.
Quantity: 1 Capsule per Day
Time to Take: Breakfast
Detailed Info:  Vitamin C Supplement for Depression Anxiety

Vitamin D 3 Supplements

Best Vitamin D 3 Supplement Depression AnxietyVitamin D 3 is the “Sunshine” supplement, which can literally brighten your day, and help lift the fog of depression anxiety.  Vitamin D 3 is a hormone which activates genes to release serotonin.  Vitamin D receptors are located on cells in the region of the brain responsible for depression anxiety.

Brand: Now Foods –  Vitamin D-3 5,000 IU
Quantity: 1 Capsule per Day
Time to Take: Breakfast
Detailed Info:  Vitamin D 3 Supplement for Depression Anxiety

Vitamin D hormone activates genes, which regulate the immune system and release neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, which in turn affect brain function and development. – See more at:

Omega 3 Supplements

Best Omega 3 Supplement Depression AnxietyOmega 3 is the anti-inflammatory supplement.  Inflammation is a major cause of depression anxiety, and Omega 3 essential fatty acid supplements from fish oil and krill oil, counteract the inflammatory Omega 6 fatty acids found in vegetable oils and other foods.  Omega 3 also helps depression anxiety by boosting the immune system.

Brand: Now Foods – Neptune Krill 1000
Quantity: 2 Tablets per Day
Time to Take:  Breakfast and Dinner
Detailed Info:  Omega 3 Supplement for Depression Anxiety

Probiotic Supplements

Best Probiotic Supplement Depression AnxietyProbiotic supplements have recently been shown to significantly improve depression anxiety symptoms.  Probiotics are bacteria which live in your large intestine and colon, are responsible for helping break down nutrients and create a healthy gut to bloodstream barrier, and are thought to affect depression anxiety via the “Gut Brain Connection”.

Brand: Natural Factors – Ultimate Probiotic 12/12 Formula
Quantity: 2 Per Day
Time to Take:  Before Breakfast and After Dinner
Detailed Info:  Probiotic Supplement for Depression Anxiety

Enzyme Supplements

Best Digestive Enzyme Supplement Depression AnxietyEnzyme supplements help your gastrointestinal tract properly digest the foods you eat, and breaks down the foods into smaller nutrients, which your gut can more easily absorb.  Since gut damage is common among individuals with depression anxiety, enzymes lend your gut a helping hand, in getting the most benefit out of your healthy foods and supplements.

Brand: Doctor’s Best – Best Digestive Enzymes
Quantity: 3 Tablets per day
Time to Take: Before Each Meal
Detailed Info:  Enzyme Supplement for Depression Anxiety

Supplement Ordering Information

To order the depression anxiety supplements you see on this page, simply click on the “Order Supplements” button below, and you will be taken to offers a wide range of supplements, excellent service, low cost, and rapid shipping in the U.S. and internationally.  Receive a $10 discount off your first order.  You can remove any supplements you do not want or need from your cart.

Order Supplements Online

Important:  Always consult your doctor before starting any supplement plan.  Certain supplements may counteract with medications you are currently taking, negatively affect any current conditions you may have, and may not be appropriate for pregnant or nursing mothers.  Your doctor can test you for vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid deficiencies.

To improve your depression anxiety recovery, supplements along with diet, exercise, and stress management is recommended, and together can have a profoundly positive effect on your depression anxiety recovery.

Learn more about our natural depression anxiety alternative recovery plan, visit our Get Started page for info and links to our diet, exercise and stress management resources.

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16 thoughts on “Supplements

  1. For the starter, detox, and maintenance supplement plans you fail to mention how long one should take the starter plan, how kong one should take the detox plan and if you should take the starter and detox plans together or separately. There in lies the questions.

  2. Andrew:
    Everyone should take the Starter Supplements for 1 Month and then switch to Maintenance Supplements. The Detox Supplements are for people who have severe gut conditions, and should be used for 1 to 2 weeks, along with the Starter Supplements.

    See our Detox Supplement Plan for important information on detoxing:

    Thank you for your comment. Your feedback is appreciated and I will edit this page to make it clearer for everyone.


  3. You should mention that the symptoms and how will be the thoughts of patient…….means I need an example then only I can confirm that I have depression ……

  4. Hi moody, interestingly I have nearly all these supplements already! I live on the Sunshine Coast of Australia where it’s sunny every day at the moment! Would you still recommend the vit D? Also tHe lunch salad I’m not finding filling enough – what could I add to it.? Many thanks

    • Hi Alice:
      If you are getting 30 minutes of direct sunlight per day, you may be getting all the vitamin d you need, however you can always get your vitamin d levels checked by your doctor. Add protein source to the salad like boiled free range chicken breast.

  5. Hello I have suffered from anxiety and depression for 14 years and its just getting worse I have been on several antidepressants which are not helping me any more. I have am so happy to come across this page I went to the famers market yesterday and got all the foods required to start the detox plan. I wanted to know if I need to take all the supplements listed or if I can just take the Daily Formula Multivitamin?

      • Thanks Moody, is there a certain amount of time I should take them or is it better just to stay taking them continuously even if I feel better?

  6. I Have Weepy sensation Genetic Depression since long I have been on Cipralex
    Also I have Gas Flatulence do flatulence causes Depression? I am now started taking omega3 supplements, as I want limit 3 more Supplements, Kindly advise me 3 more Supplements , best brand and dosage to take for curing Depression and Flatulence.
    Thanks and Regards,

    • Hi Isk:
      I had never heard of weepy sensation genetic depression before. I am not a doctor, so I can’t diagnose or prescribe, but can only share my own experience and what worked for me. There appears to be a connection between gas and depression anxiety due to bacterial imbalance. When I had Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) the gas produced would create pressure which induced anxiety. When I burped or farted to release the gas my anxiety levels would instantly go down. What helped me was eliminating all gas producing foods, beans, cruciferous vegetables, gluten and lactose. Supplements that helped me were enzymes, probiotics, and a glass of red wine with dinner. Hope the info helps.

  7. Dear Moody
    Thanks for Your Kind Reply and sharing the Experience,which kind or brand Your self use for probiotics and enzymes that helps and vitamins supplements,
    I would be grateful for Your Kind Guidance.
    With Best Regards,

  8. Hi again,
    One more question. Is it okay to take all of these at once daily? I don’t mean at the same time, because I saw the times you put next to the supplements regarding when to take them. But what I mean is, is it at all detrimental to your health to include ALL of these supplements in your daily routine? It’s a lot of pills to take, which is fine by me, but is it too much to take the multi, B, C, D3, Omega-3, Probiotics, AND Enzymes daily?
    Thanks. :)

    • Hi Cole:
      You should talk to your doctor before starting any supplement program. Your doctor can test you for any vitamin deficiencies. Depending on your condition you may not need all of the supplements on the list.


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