Multivitamin for Depression Anxiety

Multivitamin for Depression AnxietyMultivitamin for Depression Anxiety

A high potency multivitamin for depression anxiety is the first supplement every individual should use in their supplement plan.

Individuals with depression anxiety tend to be vitamin and mineral deficient, and are unable to absorb from their diet, adequate amounts of essential vitamins and minerals, necessary for the proper function of the body and brain.

Multivitamin supplements add extra vitamins and minerals into your system, to increase the potential amount, which can be absorbed by your body.

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A high potency multivitamin helps individuals with depression and anxiety, avoid having to take many different individual supplements, saving them money in the process as well.  Critical vitamins, such as vitamin D3 and vitamin C, and essential fatty acid omega 3 are added on top of the amounts found in a high potency multivitamin, as part of the Depression Anxiety Supplement Plan.

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Best Multivitamin for Depression AnxietyThe key word is “High Potency”, when looking for a multivitamin, as most multivitamins do not contain a high enough percentage of vitamins and minerals, to have a significant impact on individuals with depression and anxiety.

Our suggested multivitamin for depression anxiety is an affordable one-a-day.

Brand: Universal Nutrition – Daily Formula
Quantity: 1 Tablet per Day
Time to Take: Breakfast – See more at:

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Women who are pregnant and have depression anxiety, who are taking a pre-natal vitamin, and women who have postpartum depression anxiety, may not be getting enough vitamins, minerals, from their multivitamin and should have their vitamin levels checked by their doctor.

Supplements alone, including a multivitamin, without dietary changes and exercise, are not usually enough to achieve full depression anxiety recovery.  However, depression anxiety recovery is naturally possible, learn more and Get Started.

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2 thoughts on “Multivitamin for Depression Anxiety

  1. Where in Sydney, Australia can I buy the ‘Nature’s Way’ Alive once daily multivitamin – high potency for depression? as advertised

    • Hi Anna:
      The Depression Anxiety Diet is located in the U.S., so I am not sure if the Alive Multivitamin is sold in Australia. However, you can go to your pharmacy and compare the multivitamins for sale, and choose the multivitamin with the greatest number and highest amounts of vitamins and minerals. A multivitamin is the basic essential vitamin you need to be taking, for depression anxiety, you should be taking Vitamin C, Vitamin D 3, Omega 3, and probiotics in addition to your multivitamin.


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