Depression Anxiety Detox Diet Plan

Depression Anxiety Detox Diet Recovery Plan RecipesDepression Anxiety Detox Diet Plan

The Depression Anxiety Detox Diet Plan helps depression anxiety recovery, by eliminating foods and food additives which can cause depression anxiety, replacing them with foods which are scientifically proven to help depression anxiety recovery.

The Depression Anxiety Detox Diet Plan is designed for individuals who have moderate to severe depression anxiety and gut conditions, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, leaky gut, and candida or yeast overgrowth.  A damaged gut, or gastrointestinal tract, can lead to chronic and worsening depression anxiety.

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Up to 70% of individuals with Irritable Bowel Syndrome for example, are unaware they have a gut condition, and are not receiving treatment.  And up to 90% of individuals with a gut condition also have depression anxiety. Study.

The reason you have depression anxiety may be because you have a damaged gut.  Several things can cause a damaged gut, which then leads to depression anxiety including chronic stress, antibiotics, alcohol, sugar, food additives, gluten, milk products, and more.

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The aim of the Depression Anxiety Detox Diet Plan is to help your depression anxiety recovery by healing your gut.  Working with our Depression Anxiety Detox Supplement Plan, which uses specific gut healing supplements, the Depression Anxiety Detox Diet Plan provides you with easily digestible foods high in anti-inflammatory nutrients.

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The Depression Anxiety Detox Diet Plan makes it easier for your liver and kidneys to flush out toxins and harmful bacteria, contained in your damaged gut, which can enter your bloodstream and cause depression anxiety.

The Depression Anxiety Detox Diet

The Depression Anxiety Detox Diet is super simple to prepare and follow.  There are only 4 delicious recipes and very few total ingredients.  Click on the menu items to view their recipe.

Spinach Omelette Recipe (recommended) or
Lactose Free Breakfast Cereal Recipe

Simple Salad Recipe

Sockeye Salmon Recipe
Vegetarian Stir Fry Recipe

To make it even easier to follow the Depression Anxiety Diet, get our weekly shopping list, containing all the ingredients found in our recipes.

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Vegetarian Recipes for Depression Anxiety Diet

For dinner on the Depression Anxiety Detox Diet, you simply alternate between the Sockeye Salmon Recipe, and the Vegetarian Stir Fry Recipe for your evening meal.

There is only one difference between our already simple Depression Anxiety Diet Plan, and the Depression Anxiety Detox Diet Plan, we remove the Grass Fed Beef Burger Recipe from the dinner menu.

The reason the Grass Fed Beef Burger Recipe is removed is because, even though it is one of the healthiest red meat dishes, compared to industrial beef, the saturated fat is still difficult for individuals with gut conditions to digest, and makes it harder for the liver and kidneys to detox. Everything else on the menu remains the same.

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How Long to Stay on the Depression Anxiety Detox Diet Plan

How long you should stay on the Depression Anxiety Detox Diet Plan depends on how long it takes for your damaged gut to significantly heal.  You will know your gut is healing when your depression anxiety symptoms begin to diminish.

Grass Fed Beef Burger Recipe for Depression AnxietyTry the Depression Anxiety Detox Diet Plan for 2 to 3 weeks, then introduce the Grass Fed Beef Burger Recipe, and see how your gut and depression anxiety symptoms respond.

If everything is fine, with your gut condition and depression anxiety symptoms, switch to the regular Depression Anxiety Diet Plan.  If you don’t respond well, then your gut may need more time to heal, and you should stay on the Detox Diet for another week or longer.

It takes about 3 weeks for the intestinal lining in your gut renew.  If you have a severely damaged gut from celiac disease, IBS, candida overgrowth, gastritis, and other gut conditions, it can anywhere from 6 months to 2 years for your gut to fully heal.

Your body and brain will tell you when it is okay to go off the Depression Anxiety Detox Diet Plan.  Depression anxiety recovery is naturally possible.  Learn more about our diet, exercise, supplement plans, and use our Guide to Depression Anxiety Recovery.

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4 thoughts on “Depression Anxiety Detox Diet Plan

  1. I’ve been on a Gluten free, sugar free, caffeine free,alcohol free, dairy free, etc diet for quite some time now (about 8 – 12 months) and I’m feeling a lot better. However, my anxiety was pretty bad prior to this. I’ve also been taking a multi, fish oil, vitamin c, magnesium/calcium, d3 supplements everyday on top of that. Since I’m felling better, but not perfect, do I still need to do the detox? My symptoms such as IBS and depression are no longer, so I was thinking that it might not need to be done. And I don’t mind doing the supplement detox but the detox diet seems pretty damn difficult, considering I go to the gym everyday and there’s virtually no protein or complex carbs in that diet. Would it be possible to do the detox but without the diet? Any info would be appreciated.

  2. Sorry, just noticed that there is protein and complex carbs in the dinner meal, but I’d still like to know if I can do the detox while still eating chicken and complex carbs for lunch.

    • Mike:
      You left Probiotics off the list of supplements you are taking. When your gut has become damaged you need probiotics to rebuild the beneficial bacteria in your gut. You can eat right and still have depression anxiety if probitotic bacteria do not recolonize your intestinal tract. I would try probiotic bacteria before the detox. Give the probiotic bacteria a few days and see if there is improvement. Enzymes might be helpful as well.

      See our list of Best Supplements for Depression Anxiety.

      Also Read: Gut Brain Connection and Depression Anxiety

      Let me know if it helps or you have more questions:


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